Title: Distinguished Speaker Seminar Series
Start date: December 03
Start time: 03:00 pm
End time: 04:00 pm

Dr. Kikuë Tachibana
MPI für Biochemie
Title: "Chromatin organization and chromosome segregation during the oocyte-to-embryo transition"
Abstract: One of the most dramatic transitions in biology is the conversion of the female germ cell/oocyte to a one-cell-embryo/zygote upon fertilisation. The zygote is a totipotent cell with the developmental potential to generate all cell types including extra-embryonic tissues. How chromatin is epigenetically reprogrammed to a totipotent “ground state” remains poorly understood. We combine mechanistic cell biology, genetics and genomics to gain insights into the mechanisms of natural reprogramming and chromatin organization in early mouse embryos. Our recent work has focused on gaining insights into the establishment of 3D genome architecture during the oocyte-to-embryo transition. Using our single-nucleus Hi-C method, we revealed differences in the spatial chromatin organization of maternal and paternal genomes in zygotes. By applying the method to biological questions, we discovered that the replicative helicase minichromosome maintenance complex functions as a barrier to loop extrusion, the mechanism that is thought to fold eukaryotic genomes. We also have a long-standing interest in meiosis and the maternal age effect.

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