Max Planck Innovation

Technology Transfer for the Max Planck Society

As the main technology transfer organization of the Max Planck Society, Max Planck Innovation has been helping to bridge the gap between science and industry since 1970.

The organization advises and supports scientists of the Max Planck Society in the evaluation of inventions and the registration of patents. The organization also markets patents and technologies to industry and coaches founders in setting up new companies based on the research results of the Max Planck Society.

Max Planck Innovation has been in business for around 50 years. During this time, it has played a key role in shaping technology transfer. A strong network has been built up within science and industry, consisting of professional investors, lawyers, patent attorneys and tax consultants as well as scientific experts and company representatives from various sectors. There are contracts with more than 200 different companies and seed financing rounds for spin-offs from the Max Planck Society have been negotiated with more than 35 investors.

Experience and contacts are the essential building blocks of this success. Max Planck Innovation uses them to provide optimum support for scientists and company founders at the Max Planck Institutes, but also to get involved in the political debate. In this respect, Max Planck Innovation has contributed to new concepts of the Federal Government to improve Germany's innovative

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