Guidance for all staff members, guests and visitors on entries from abroad

Starting on Sunday, November 8, individuals who enter Germany from an RKI-determined risk area will not take a free coronavirus test on arrival. Instead, almost everyone entering Germany from a risk area must immediately enter a mandatory quarantine.

  • By default, the quarantine lasts 10 days (instead of 14 days.)
  • Generally, an immediate release from the quarantine obligation with presentation of a negative test result on entry will no longer be possible.
  • Individuals have the option to take a test at the earliest 5 days after their arrival; the presentation of a negative result for such test ends the quarantine.
  • Exceptions exist for cross-border commuters and other special cases.

The details of these new rules are all clearly described in English in the following press release:

Digital registration before entering Germany:

In addition, we would like to remind you, that anyone entering Germany from an international risk area must register digitally before entry. The web application "Digital Entry Registration" (DEA) goes into operation and replaces the paper exit card. It can be accessed from November 8, 2020 by users of digital devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone) worldwide on the following website:

For the moment, our campus rules on this topic remain unchanged. 

This change in rules will have the greatest effect on new employees arriving from risk areas to start work on campus. We ask all hosting departments, research groups, or other units to ensure that all new employees understand and obey these new entry regulations, help them find a safe place to spend the mandatory quarantine (not permitted in the campus guesthouse), and support them in obtaining food.

We sincerely hope that these new entry rules (and the other restrictions of this four-week-long light lockdown) succeed at reducing the infections in our region and across Germany.

Other important information in this context:

We would also like to take this chance to remind you about the Employee Management Assistance Program (EMAP), which is run by the Fürstenberg Institute and provides free support for all MPG employees during these challenging times.  Family members living in your household can also use EMAP.

If you require fast and anonymous support while facing a crisis that affects your work – whether professional, personal, or health-related – EMAP is available to you free of charge. Simply call 0800/387 78 36 from Germany or 00800/38 77 83 62 from outside the country for immediate help.  Tell the operator you are calling from MPG.  Experts are available to assist you in German or English, with other language options on request.  If you wish, you can also arrange a personal counseling appointment.

As always, the crisis unit appreciates your attention to these important topics.