Max Planck Institute for Biology 1912-2004

The Max Planck Institute for Biology was originally founded in 1912 in Berlin as the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Biology. Carl Correns, Hans Spemann, Richard Goldschmidt, Max Hartmann and Otto Warburg were the heads of the different departments. In 1943 the departments of Alfred Kühn, Hans Bauer and Friedrich von Wettstein moved to Hechingen and later to Tübingen, where Georg Melchers was already researching. A new campus was built in the Spemannstrasse and the Corrensstrasse. In the mid-Fifties Emil Heitz, Karl Grell (only for a short time), Wolfhard Weidel, Wolfgang Beermann and Werner Reichardt also moved to this institute. Starting in the Sixties and Seventies Ulf Henning, Peter Overath and Jan Klein were researching at the Institute in the fourth director generation until the final closure of the institute.

The institute was closed in 2004 in the course of the intensified consolidation activity in order to build up Max Planck Institutes in the east and middle of Germany.