Cannibalism and Genome Duplication in Nematodes

Developmental plasticity plays a crucial role in the predatory development of Allodiplogaster sudhausi, according to experimental genetics. more

From Cybernetics to AI: the pioneering work of Norbert Wiener

Norbert Wiener – the man who established the field of Cybernetics – also laid the groundwork for today’s prosperity of Artificial Intelligence more

Decoding the shared genetic toolkit for male sex determination

The discovery of a master male sex gene uncovers the genetic pathways and convergent evolution linking brown algae to animals in sex determination.

Adaptation through symbiosis, sixty-two million years of it

From the Paleocene to today, leaf beetles receive a metabolic boost from their bacterial symbionts.

Hassan Salem selected as EMBO Young Investigator

Hassan Salem, Max Planck Research Group Leader at the Max Planck Institute for Biology, is selected as part of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) - Young Investigator Programme.

Research at the interface between mind and gut

Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics expands research focus and board of directors more

Max Planck researcher Gal Ofir honored with Early Excellence in Science Award 2023

Molecular biologist Gal Ofir from the Max Planck Institute for Biology in Tübingen has been honored with the prestigious Early Excellence in Science Award for 2023 by the Bayer Foundation. Ofir uses both computational and experimental methods in the discovery of new immune mechanisms in bacteria and plants.

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