Titel: Gero Miesenböck, University of Oxford
Startdatum: Sep 18 2018
Startzeit: 11:15 am
Endzeit: 12:15 pm
Ort: Max Planck House Lecture Hall

Sleep is vital and universal, but its biological function remains unknown. In Drosophila, rising sleep pressure activates two dozen sleep-inducing neurons with projections to the dorsal fan-shaped body (dFB). These neurons adjust their electrical output to sleep need, via the antagonistic regulation of two potassium conductances: the leak channel Sandman imposes electrical silence during waking, whereas augmented A-type currents carried by Shaker support tonic firing during sleep. Insights into the processes that regulate these ion channels have furnished a molecular interpretation of sleep pressure, its accumulation, and its discharge.

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Host: Nelson Totah